Basics of Crockin’

Basics of Crockin’

Go Green!

Their low wattage makes slow cookers an energy-efficient option. (They cost as much to run as a single light bulb!) It costs pennies on the dollar to produce palate-pleasing meals in a slow cooker, versus heating up a power-hungry oven—which results in higher utility bills but less tasty treats.

The long, moist-heat cooking process tenderizes cheap cuts of meat and transforms them into fall-off-the bone delicious in a matter of hours. (How awesome is that for your grocery bill, y’all!)

The long cooking process enhances the flavors of veggies and meats—even the least costly cuts.

One-pot meals mean less dishes to wash. Plus the low temp and glazed crock make cleanup a snap!

Just throw in the ingredients and go on your way. Your slow cooker will do all the work when you’re gone—and you’ll come home to a ready-made meal! (And a yummy-smelling kitchen, too.)


Full Flavor

Slow simmering your dishes results in meals that really pack a punch, Can’t get that from a traditional oven, friends!

Moms group? Birthday party? Company picnic? No problem! Slow cookers are made to move. When your cooking is complete, just pop out the crock and you’re good to go.

Slow cookers make it super-simple to cook healthy meals. Think fresh veggies, lean meats, simple spices and other natural ingredients. Delicious and nutritious!


Food for Thought

Slow cookers first hit the market in the 1970s, when huge numbers of women (many of them mommies) joined the workforce. What better way to de-stress their day than coming home to a warm meal!

Slow cooking has made a comeback recently because more people are working longer hours yet crave the comfort of a homemade meal.

The longer and hotter food is zapped in a microwave, the greater the possibility of significant—or even complete—loss of nutrients. Never an issue with the slow cooker, folks!


Slow cookers won’t heat up your kitchen, which makes them perfect for whipping up hearty meals all year long—even in the dog days of summer!