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Crockin' Love

From the beginning of this crazy adventure our goal has been to help families around the country slow down and enjoy time with their loved ones with the help of slow cooking! It really was that simple, but after receiving tons of emails, letters and posts from so many of you, we've realized it's about more than just slow cooking, it's about regaining confidence in the kitchen and in life. Read more about how slow cooking is changing lives (no, really) and share your Crockin' love.

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Weekly Meal Plan

We know how it works, Monday afternoon hits, you open the refrigerator and wonder what you're going to cook for dinner. Stop the stress and start planning on Sunday with our weekly meal plans. Each plan has different recipe options so you can find one that fits your taste. We make it really easy with all the ingredients listed in the sections at the grocery store so you can get in and get out with what you need for a week’s worth of meals. In fact, you don't even have to Crock every night, make one dish and turn it into makeovers not leftovers, for the next night. It's that easy!

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