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Crockin’ Love

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I just wanted to say I love the cookbook!! I got my signed cookbook a while ago, I have been using the book a lot lately. Since it is football season it makes dinner time so easy. Also being 6 months pregnant I don’t want to be stuck in front of the hot oven. It has been a life saver!! I also have been freezing meals for after baby #3 comes, so my hubby can defrost and heat!! Love love love it!!! I made the baked ziti today for my sons 10th birthday and he loved it!! Tomorrow is chicken in a hurry!! At this rate I’m going to need a new crock soon.
Maureen Girardin

I love, love, love the cookbook. It is so colorful and I enjoy the personal information from the both of you. And of course cannot wait to try every single one of the recipes. I look forward to the next book. Again ladies, outstanding job!
Pamela Stanley

Ladies!! I just got my new cookbook from FEDEX! It is sooo colorful and beautiful! I am also honored that you chose my recipe (PAGE 34 WOO WOO!!!!) Also loved the signature page. You guys did an awesome job on this project!

Michelle Stires Noonan

Just got mine from the Fed Ex man…beautiful colorful book! Can’t wait to dig in…thanks Nicole and Jenna!
Kami Guthmiller

So happy:) I received my signed copy with my recipe in it today. Thank you, thank you!! It is beautiful, very nice job ladies. Can’t wait to try out some of the recipes, they all look so yummy. My crockpots are going to get a great workout in the weeks ahead.
Laura Harper Eniss

Got my book today and love it! Especially loving the signed copy…very nice touch! Now my entire family wants them…nice marketing ladies.
Lenora Fleming

YAY!! I got my cookbook today!! I love it!! Found my recipe in it too! Can’t wait to try some others.
Lynda Peirce Kauffman

Got the mailer today to order your book! That made my life so much easier and now I’ll have an awesome Crockin’ Girls book! Thank you for having that forethought!
Angela Speaker

I got my cookbook today!!! Love it!!!!!!Everything looks yummy!!!! Glad to see some of my favorite crockin’ monday recipes were in there!!! I made the crab dip ystdy (in my big CP). Big hit!!! Thanks for all you do!!
Jen Muller-Hughes

The book is beautiful! Great job girls.
Ashley Stovall Dier

I got my signed beautiful wonderful AWESOME cookbook today and can’t stop looking at all the beautiful pics of y’all and all the recipes! I LOVE all the colors and how the pages feel and now I just hope I keep it away from my crocks because I don’t want to get deliciousness all over it! Thanks ladies and community!
Maggie Freshman

My cookbook just arrived! What a beautiful and colorful book! I can’t wait to crock up some more of these great dishes!! Every recipe that we have made from the website has been a huge hit! Thanks Nicole and Jenna!
Rhonda Klingelhoffer Abbott

Just received my cook book…it is awesome. Job well done:-)
Marcia Lakes Fischer

Hi ladies, I just got my cookbook and was so excited to see my recipe in there!! I can not wait to start crockin all the yummy things in the book!!! Thank you Jenna and Nicole!
Janet Wells Michael

I just got home and my cookbook is here. It’s beautiful. You both did a great job. I love it. Thanks for making it.
Michele Graham Hester

I can’t say how excited I was to get my cookbook today! I love it!
Linda Rodriquez Calvio

My husband just called me at work and told me my cookbook has ARRIVED!! I am so excited! I might skip out of work a little early just so I can get home to look at it.
Jessica Kelsey

I love the cookbook so much I’d like to order some as gifts…are you all out or where would I order more? Thanks!
Kami Guthmiller

Most slow cooker cookbooks usuallty have some recipes I would never make. NOT THiS ONE! I haven’t seen one yet in there I would not make. Thank you for this beautiful book with pictures and great recipes…CROCK ON!
Kathy Courington

Got my book, girls you did an awesome job!love the photos of each recipe!can’t wait to get crockin! Thanks ladies!
Kristi Ferguson

Today I got a postcard in the mail about the new cookbook! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to get mine! Ordering more for gifts!
John Brown

YAY!! I just got my cookbook a few minutes ago!! It is GORGEOUS!! I can’t wait to try some of these yummy recipes!! And I found my recipe.
Lynda Peirce Kauffman

The page layouts, color, and design are amazing! This will definitely be one of my favorite cookbooks (and I have a LOT of them!!).
Sue Moen

Got mine the other day as a birthday present. Absolutely love it!!! The only problem now is deciding what to make. I want it all!
Lisa Brazuk Koselke

Got mine yesterday and I totally agree that it’s a beautiful book! I can’t wait to start cooking! Thanks
Paula Day Taylor

Jenna & Nicole, I received the cookbooks I ordered. One for my daughter and one for myself. Beth, my daughter has cooked 2 recipes from the book and has enjoyed both. Thanks for all your hard work to putting it together.
Lisa Keeney

I received my cookbook a few days ago and am reading it page by page…soooo excited to have it! You know? this would be a great shower gift for a mom-to-be!!! Had you thought of it in that way?
Sharon Studdard Holmes

Jenna and Nicole thank you for sharing your family with us…in the cookbook. The recipes are amazing and the book is well worth the price.
Trish Hartigan

Just received your new cook book in the mail today! Just gotta say Loving it! Thanks Y’all! !! Great Mother’s Day present!!
Mindy Miller

Just got my Slow Cookin Companion in the mail. Everything looks so yummy I’m not sure which one to try first!!!! Love the cookbook Thanks Crockin Girls. This is the best cookbook I have ever seen.
Jennifer Nolen

Just wanted to let you girls know I got my Crockin Cookbook yesterday and I love it! Thank you so much!
Monica Fritchley

I got my cookbooks in the mail today and they are gorgeous!! Giving one as Mother’s Day gift to my sister-in-law who just had a baby last week. As PTO pres, Girl Scout leader and 2 kids in sports, I really needed this book. Cant wait to really get crockin’!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
Danielle Davis Ludwig

Just got my cookbook yesterday in the mail….love it! I read it from front to back. You girls have done an amazing job. You should be very proud of yourselves! You have made my life a lot easier! Thank you:) I’m getting ready to open a cafe and I will be using some of the recipes from the book.
Stephanie Hunter-Bartok

Just got my book in the mail today! Love all the creative recipes and I am happy to say I will be making shredded pork loin roast for dinner!
Rachelle McCurry

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just received my cookbook today. I’m so excited. Best Mother’s Day gift I could get. Even if I do have to pay for it myself.
Brenda Millican Phillips

I just wanted to say how much I love your cookbook. I’m a busy mom of two kids and not much of a cook, but I’m finding your cookbook practical and easy, and every recipe I’ve made so far has been fantastic. The book is beautiful. I wish you both much success in your business venture. You’ve really hit on something here and are providing a great service, especially to busy moms looking to cook healthy, easy meals for their families. Congratulations and best wishes.

Girls, I am really enjoying your site! There has not been a thing I have made that I did not like! I am so glad you helped me rediscover my slow cookers!
Annette Spreitzer

I went crazy trying to think of a recipe for leftover steak (I had a ton left over from dinner last night.) I decided on steak soup, and it’s in my slow cooker for tomorrow’s dinner at the in-laws. It smells awesome. I can’t wait to see how it tastes, as I didn’t really have a recipe. I just winged it!
Louise Abate St. Clair

I have enjoyed all the recipes for my slow cooker, but there is nothing better than getting creative. So much fun! Thanks, Crockin’ Girls, for bring fun back to my kitchen!
Carleene Parra

I have more chicken and stew beef thawing in the fridge for more recipes when the soup is done. I’m looking through the website now! I love Crockin’ Girls!
Louise Abate St. Clair

That’s what this community is all about … sharing and helping. That’s why Crockin’ Girls are so successful … their generous gift of time and support. Their gift to us just wants us to give back.
This is an awesome community! I’m truly addicted to this site!
Nancy Lucas-Podella

So happy to have found this page. I own a slow cooker but hardly ever know what to do. I’m excited now!
Alexa Silverio-Morales

I’m excited about showing my mom that we do not have to be in the kitchen all day for a good meal. I look forward to learning from you all!
Alexa Silverio-Morales

Getting ready to start the loaded baked potato soup for dinner!
Kelly Troops Adkins

Just wanted to let you guys know I was at the doctor’s office with my 3-year-old son yesterday, and while he was waiting for the doc, he blurted out, ‘Happy Crockin’, ya’ll!’ at the top of his voice. Only it sounded like ‘happy crunkin’’ instead of ‘crockin’. I about died laughing!
Angela Lenk Oliver

In the last half an hour, 11,222 people—or 374 a minute, or 6.23 per second—have liked your Facebook page.
David Webster

Thank you, thank you! Love your videos. It helps so much when making a recipe for the first time. Best-ever pork chops in the pot now. Yesterday, the Coke roast. And the day before, the potato soup. Can’t wait to try the lasagna. Thank you, Crockin’ Girls, for your time. And I love hearing your kids in the background of your videos. Makes it extra special!
Tina Maters Reichwein

You ladies are doing a great job of sharing your talents with others. Keep up the good work. … God bless!
Jennifer Thomas Froud

Congrats on hitting 1 million Facebook likes! You are awesome and I’ve already made three recipes from your page this week. Thanks a million!
Jane Stewart

On your way to 2 million Facebook likes. Congratulations!
Tara Strole Surowiec

If it weren’t for my slow cooker, we’d never have a meal.
Bobbie Gaston

I love your site! I was needing some new recipes to change things up a bit at our house. Thanks!
Jenny Kuziak Wehunt

I’m so happy to have found this site! I’ve already gotten some yummy recipes and can’t wait to try them!
Treva Silva

In about a week, this Facebook page has received over 260,000 likes! Check it out. It’s pretty neat for us busy ones.
Fort Hood Army Wives

I have a child with a life-threatening illness, and we are in the hospital frequently. I hate hospital food, so I’m going to take the slow cooker with me.
Jenny Conrardy Radillo

I love this site! If it isn’t easy, I don’t cook it!
Cindy Mooneyhan Carpenter

Thank you. My family has never eaten so well. I am a single mom of two very active and involved kids and work full time. We can now bypass McDonald’s, as we have wonderful food already made at home and waiting for whomever, whenever we happen to be there.
Michelle Hansen

I have had a slow cooker for over a decade and used it maybe once a year until you gals came along. It has changed my life. This stay-at-home (and her family) thank you immensely!
Cheryl Bloch Flynn

What an inspiration you are, Crockin’ Girls! You have reinvented our kitchens, and cured a lot of shopping blues and food shopping boredom. I have a lot of happy tummies in my house, thanks to you. Clearly, you are just what the world has been waiting for. Looking forward to your first book signing. I wish you the best. Congratulations!
Suzanne Christopher Fotiadis

Crockin’ Girls, your site has helped simplify my life so much that I listed you as a helpful website on the Family Made Simple blog. Thank you for creating such an amazing resource!
Family Made Simple

You have made my family dinners so much better! I’m able to eat without being so tired and enjoy what I made my family.
Tricia Tim Louis

Life has been so hard these last couple of months for me, and you guys have made it easier!
Tricia Tim Louis

I was forced to put a slow cooker on my bridal registry six years ago. I didn’t want it at all. I just dug it out of storage and took it out of the unopened box when I found your page. I have made some awesome meals and sides for my husband and two young sons. I have enjoyed it, found a new love for cooking and bought another slow cooker—with all credit and thanks going to you both!
Laura Lynch

You should both have your own branded slow cooker!
Laura Lynch

The Crockin’ Girls have brought a whole new meaning to food for my family and me. There is so much you can do!
Cookin’ with Friends

Around the holidays, things just get so busy and hectic. I want to thank you, Crockin’ Girls, for helping me cook not just good meals, but great meals for my family. It has made a huge difference and we are much happier.
Lisa Mathews Otto

Along with the craziness that the holidays bring, my husband is a principal/basketball coach, so this time of the year is extremely hectic for me! I love the way crockin’ allows me to have a little control over the crazy days that seem to overtake me this time of year!

Great food and extra time on my hands. I can’t thank y’all enough.
Lisa Mathews Otto

You’ve made our family time so much better with these good recipes. Not only are we enjoying our dinners together, but we aren’t spending the whole evening cooking and cleaning up. You are helping a lot of families out there. Thank you!
Karen Neal Hart

The reason we started our Facebook page for our small group of mommy friends was to get dinner on the table with less stress and more quality time! To see it being carried out on a much bigger scale than ever imagined is really awesome!
Crockin’ Girls

Apple pork loin crocking away as we head to camp to relax. Then we come home to a nice, warm meal!
Julie Rogalski

Loaded baked potato soup in the slow cooker now! It is for dinner for all of the firefighters at the station where my husband works. I can’t wait to hear how they all like it!
Heather Frey Watson

I made your taco stew yesterday for a crowd and everyone loved it. I hardly had any left over. This is a keeper!
Heather Buhi Walker

Oh my gosh! I just found your Facebook page by mistake, and I cannot be happier! Due to illness, I cannot cook like I once did, so I do a lot of slow cooker meals. I am in desperate need of recipes, so this is a wonderful find for me and my family!
Gina Richey

Another slow cooker hit in our house. I made the slow cooker meatloaf, and my family of four ate the whole thing. My pickiest eater even at two helpings of her own and then was eating off everyone else’s plate. Thank you, Crockin’ Girls, so much!
Nikki Ford

I made the slow cooker lasagna last night, and it was a huge hit! My slow cooker came back empty!
Kimber Hendon Giordano

Just wanted to say thanks for making cooking stress free for me during the week. It’s great not having to come home after work and cook.
Jessica Saul Ledtje

Sometimes I think my slow cooker is a torture device. I’ve got BBQ pulled pork in there, and it still has four hours to cook. The aroma is KILLING me!
Paige Morris Padgham

Monday, I made the potato soup. Yummy!
Michelle Dunajcik

My husband loves you guys! Keep up the easy ideas for this mommy of four who is just way to busy to cook.
Jennifer Malott Hernandez

So far, every recipe I’ve tried has been awesome, and my family loves them. Just got a brand-new slow cooker and can’t wait to try more!
Carrie Munn

I love you guys! I got a new slow cooker for my birthday last year and am having a blast trying out new recipes! Money is tight being newlyweds, and it’s the perfect season to start. My husband has loved every recipe I’ve tried so far! Thank you so much for your videos too!
Valerie Goetz

So glad I found you! Xoxoxo!
Gina Parkhill

Hi! I made my first recipe from you girls last night, taco stew, for my Bunko girls and they all loved it! Thank you so much! Looking forward to trying more.
Krissie Tucker Hoenig

We totally understand the feeling of accomplishment you feel when bellies and hearts are full and it happened through something so simple.
Crockin’ Girls

I love your website! Using it from here on after!
Kim Cook

You are my kinda gals!
Karen Thomas

I’ve told many ladies about Crockin’ Girls. I encourage y’all to keep up the good work!
Anjanet Keeler

So glad I found you girls. I’m a busy wife/teacher who is trying very hard to improve my cooking skills. Crockin’ is a great solution for me!
Stephanie Lerch

Making the easy pork chops and boy do they smell good!
Wendy Whiteside Dostart

I have yet to have something come out of the slow cooker than everyone doesn’t love. Thank you, Crockin’ Girls!
Janette Demming Hylton

My crockin’ is always rockin’ with four men to feed!
Shelley Boggs Griffin

Today is the first day that I watched y’all’s video on YouTube. I love all of the recipes! I want to try that potato soup real soon. By the way, I hope I spelled ‘y’all’s’ right.
Vicki Heffernan Olson

I made your lasagna recipe tonight and I loved it! I have made three of your recipes this week. You have helped me tremendously with having shoulder surgery and being able to have a great dinner with using just my slow cooker!
Billie Jean Back

Thanks for all the great ideas so far. Everything I have tried we love!
Jill Danner

I did not know that so much could be cooked in a slow cooker. I have tried a few of the recipes and have loved them all. Thank you, gals, so much!
Ashlee Michelle Tarkinton

Just have to say I was the un-crocking person you ever met. About a month ago, my husband sent me your link and brought home a new slow cooker. I think I gave him a look like he had just brought home a ThighMaster or something! Since that moment, I have tried several of your recipes and have loved, loved, loved every single one. They are delicious! I am so thrilled at this new discovery! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. It is truly appreciated.
Angelia Griffin

I tried the lasagna, and it was so good! Thanks, Crockin’ Girls, for the great recipes!
Teresa Nifong

The slow cooker lasagna was delicious! Thanks again, ladies, for a yummy recipe!
Angela Drewniak Janz

So glad you liked it! Our families gobbled it up, too! Keep on crockin’!
Crockin’ Girls

As a 24/7 live-in caregiver, you’re a great help in daily life. Thank you!
Norm Flowers

Just made the breakfast casserole, and it was so good.
Pamela Lewis

Love your recipes! I urge my friends all the time to try them, too! Thanks!
Karen Trinque

Put a pork loin in the slow cooker this morning before I left the house. Should be perfect when the wife and I get home.
Jon Davis

Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes! I made pork chops today, and my family loved them. Thank you again.
Krissie Tucker Hoenig

Got a crumb cake in the slow cooker now! Smells yummy! Hope it lasts until tomorrow’s luncheon!
Michellel Coomer Ising

The crumb cake came out delicious today for my teacher lunch. Many requests for the recipe!
Barbara Bernard Roberts

The chicken and dumplings turned out amazing! We are having them for leftovers tonight. I can’t wait to make them again—they were that good. Thanks for the recipe!
Beth Harper Carnes

Love your Facebook page and website. Thank you! A fellow crockin’ girl.
Paige Schreiner

So excited to use your crockin’ recipes for Thanksgiving this year—turkey and garlic smashed potatoes. I am so excited!
Heather Armentrout

I love your recipes! You have given me so many ideas! I am having fun experimenting and feeding my husband and our exchange student from Japan.
Shauna Carnell Olsen

Here’s another reason I love slow cooking: As I am bathing my 2-year-old, he looks at me as serious as can be, sticks out his bottom lip and says, ‘That hurt my feelin’s!’ Bath time might not be simple, but dinner was! Here’s to crockin’!

I live in Lima, Peru, and I’m a fan of Crockin’ Girls. You can’t buy a slow cooker here, but I brought mine in from the U.S. and put it on a transformer—saves so much time cooking!
Ellen Lowe Gill

Pumpkin Crumb Cake is amazing! Loved it with Cool Whip. Will definitely make this again, probably on Christmas! Amazing!
Julie Rogalski

Welcome to the madness! It’s addicting once you get started. I haven’t used my slow cooker this much since, well, ever!
Jennifer Payne

Saw a license plate while driving home from Indianapolis to Buffalo, Missouri, last night: Crockingrl 1. Just too cute! After I saw it, I thought if you girls.
Deborah A. Kelley

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us! I have never been a cooker, and we used to eat out all the time because we get home late, but now thanks to you I have discovered the convenience of crockin’! Use it all the time now!
Dustie Newburn Fields

Crockin’ Thanksgiving at my house! … Saving time and energy and freeing up oven space = less stress. A happy Blessed Thanksgiving to all my fellow Crockin’ Girls!
Janis Bowden Purcell

I want to thank the Crockin’ Girls for helping to make our Pot Luck Wednesday at work spectacular! My team says this is the best lasagna they have eaten. FYI, I used ground turkey instead of beef, and I seasoned with fennel, oregano, thyme, Italian seasoning, garlic and onions before simmering with the sauce. I also used sliced mozzarella on top of the ricotta mixture. Super yum! Thanks so much for sharing this!
Heather L. Matthews Willoughby

The house smells great with your breakfast casserole awaiting my sleepy family! Thanks!
Lori Solberg Pothast

Thanks for getting me back in the kitchen after 15 years.
Kelly Powers Ferguson

Off to buy a slow cooker tomorrow. Excited to try all these new recipes—my family will be thrilled!
Lisa Slager Skorupski

This is awesome! I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, and everyone thought I was crazy for having a slow cooker here—till the first time I made dinner! It’s great for morale!
Stephanie Carl

Headed back to work and have two children, so this might just me a lifesaver!
Angel Wright Lee

Found you guys just in the nick of time! Baby due in two weeks, so I’m gonna be using the slow cooker and freezer a lot very soon!
Lindsey Lunsford

I am a wife and mom who works full time and would rather not spend time cooking. You guys will help me immensely. My hubby and I thank you.
Sarah Olivera

Great site for single dads who work 10 to 12 hours a day. Can’t wait to get crockin’ again.
Robert Gaither

I live in West Africa and use my slow cooker as my oven!
Marti-Brenda Roman

I’m a single mom of three and going to school for nursing. I am so happy a friend of mine posted your Facebook site. I love it! It will save me sooo much time. Thank you, Crockin’ Girls!
Salena Rivera

Great idea, ladies! Busy women like me will love your recipes!
Christine Persan

As I told a friend last night, I am loving your Facebook page just for the ideas alone. I have enjoyed cooking for years now, and most of my problems stem from that age-old question, What’s for dinner?
Gaynelle Beall Eckstadt

Your momentum has inspired me to try one of your recipes every Monday during the school year. Thank you!
The Farmer’s Wife

A slow cooker is the only thing we can have in our barracks room here on base. I use these recipes on the weekends!
Coreleihus SoSo Brown

My dogs have their own slow cooker for making doggie stew!
Cathy Scott

You have no idea how happy your Facebook site makes me. It’s a blessing! I am one happy girl! Thank you so much!
Tara Hundley

You have an amazing following. It seems to be growing by the thousands every day. You’ve got a good thing going! Congratulations!
Janice Beukema Whitaker

OK, I just turned … um, well … 42 and I’ve slow cooked once. I was a massive failure and I threw it out! I’m excited to explore some options here! Thanks!
Gena Barney

Crockin’ Girls? What about Crockin’ Guys? Even better, what about Crock Pot Truckers! That’s right, ladies. Anything you can cook in your slow cooker on the counter I can cook in my slow cooker in my semi. And I love it. I will be back to this page for sure! Yum, yum! Beef stew, spare ribs and sauerkraut are just a few of my faves!
Larry Mize

Y’all can throw as many recipes my way as possible! Baby No. 6 due any day and hubby travels, so I have kids and their homework and studying up to my eyeballs! This will help make healthy, happy kids!
Jennifer Eggleston Earwood

OK, moms and dads. If you have not already done so, head over to the Crockin’ Girls website and Facebook page and see what all the fuss is about! I have used the slow cooker method two days in a row, and it has definitely made life better around this Alabama home. Not only are my children asking for seconds and loving the new recipes, but they love even more that I have extra quality time with them!

I just planned my whole week of dinner off of recipes from your Facebook page! We are gone every night for football/cheer practice, and this page was an answered prayer for to the What’s for dinner question. How and ready to eat when we walk in the door!
Jonelle Bottoms Eck

Wow! This gives me a good reason to buy another slow cooker!
Jan Cole Denton

I’m impressed! Who would have thunk that there was such a need for slow cooker recipes!
Renee Garcia

I just found your Facebook site. I could spend hours there!
Kristi Patterson DeMyer

This has got to be the best site wince eBay!
Kellie Gilbert May

What a cool site! I use my slow cooker all year round; your kitchen won’t heat up in the summer!
Stephanie McGinnis Fager

We have the cubed steak dinner last night served over noodles. It was absolutely delicious!
Sharry Sanrope-Jacobson

You ladies just made my slow cooker my new best friend! I am so excited! Just made chicken tacos, and my kids asked for seconds!
Vanesa Gomez Surmiller

You guys are awesome and so appreciated by moms like me. Thank you!
Kiki Livos-Manatakis

I was throwing everything into the slow cooker, and my husband says, I’m not ready for dinner at all. Are you sure you want to start that now? Um, it’s a slow cooker dear. Come back in about four hours!
Lauren Kowalick

This Facebook page has made my year. Seriously! Love, love, love it!
Melody Ward Mason

In the eight minutes to post your recipes on Facebook after you posted your status, you had 41 comments and 253 likes! Amazing! Can we say we love you gals?!
Jill White

Thank you for this age. I have used my slow cooker about five times in a little over a week. That’s a lot for someone who normally uses it five times in a year.
Eva Youngberg Brotemarkle

I now use my slow cooker more than ever. Nice, easy recipes that make me not want to cook any other way! Thanks!
Jennifer Starr Crowley

I made the salsa chicken for dinner tonight. Awesome! I threw some cheese and sour cream on the tortilla and black beans on the side. Delicious and easy!
Enid Pinchback Franklin

To the girls who started this, you rock! I put my slow cooker away until you! Everything I make is so yummy. Good job, ladies!
Sommer Cain

I have used my slow cooker every day for the last eight days! Sometimes even two slow cookers! It’s like a new invention. Every single recipe so far has been excellent. You’ve made life so much easier!
Kelly Mockler Smith

We made the ranch bacon chicken, and it was sooo good! Thank you, Crockin’ Girls. This was day 14 for me to slow cook this month!
Sharon Christenson Burton

I made the balsamic chicken recipe and served it over angel hair pasta. Turned out wonderful! My two picky children even at the chicken and liked it! Will cook that one again!
Lynn Pankonin Niles

I have used my slow cooker probably 10 times in the past two weeks. It mades dinner so easy!
Sarah Overton

Made the chicken and dumplings tonight, and my family of seven all liked it—a miracle in and of itself! I made a two-week menu plan using all recipes from the Crockin’ Girls page. Thanks for the recipes and inspiration!
Carolyn Martin Cain

My husband and I are on our one-year anniversary vacation in Branson, Missouri, and have used Crockin’ Girls recipes for dinner each night here. They’re delicious and my hubby is one happy and full man! Thanks!
Rachel Kunzer Selking

I can’t believe how easy and quick … and it cost me a lot less! I usually have such good intentions to start supper early, but usually that doesn’t happen. I start late, supper’s late, stressful, big mess. This deletes all that. Thank you! Best of all, everything is delicious!
Kari Wagner

I was at the store last night picking up ingredients, when the lady next to me look over and asked me which bouillon cubes to get. I asked if she was making dinner in the slow cooker and she replied, Yes, Crockin’ Girls? I joyfully said, Yes! And her husband started laughing. We live in Las Vegas. What are the odds?!
Chelsea Strasser

My freezer has never been packed so full of delicious homemade meals as it is now, since I started using a slow cooker. Love it.
Bethany Campbell

I went out and bought four slow cookers this week. Nice! You can just take the crocks to the table, and everything is nice and hot. Keep up the good work, Crockin’ Girls!
Judy Barnett

Do you know how much it is appreciated to have y’all respond to us? Thanks!
Christy Parsons Bullard

Never knew slow cookers could be so great. Used four to take food to a family Thanksgiving gathering this afternoon. Food stayed hot and cleanup wasn’t too bad. Now I’m more stuffed than the turkey! Thanks, Crockin’ Girls, for many happy hours looking at your recipes and posts. Now let the Christmas season begin!
Judy Wood Moore

Made your garlic smashed potatoes. One word: amazing!
Tina Chirgwin

Cooked mashed potatoes, butternut squash and carrots with turnips yesterday and today put them all in slow cookers for reheating and to keep warm. They came out great and tasted like they were all done today. Will definitely use my slow cookers again for large family dinners. What a timesaver they were!
Mary-Ellen Smith Ellis

Made the smashed potatoes. Heaven in a slow cooker!
Kate Radel Butler

I’m a single mom and I work all day, so the majority of what I make goes in the slow cooker in the morning. Then when I get home in the evening, I just have to make sides. It’s wonderful!
Dotty Dallas Ziglar

The slow cooker lets a sick mommy still be able to feed her kids great food! Thanks for all the recipes!
Catherine Girsh

I made green beans in my slow cooker and it really impressed the in-laws. Thanks so much for making life for a college student a little easier!
Kelsey Ann Curtis

You need your own line of slow cookers in fun patters like polka dots!
Kirsten Eastvold-Hanson

I like that idea! You can add animal print or plaid too!
Alyssa Crutcher

I vote for hounds tooth and paisley!
Beth Knodel

Just wanted to say thank you, Crockin’ Girls! I have tried several of your slow cooker dishes, and they have all been great! I was really getting burned out on cooking the same thing over and over. Then you came along and made dinners not just very enjoyable and easy but also very fun! Thank you again and keep up the awesome work!
Melissa Staton

I’m trying to cook more often for my boys and realized crockin’ is a great tool for full-time working mommies!
Nathina Jordan

I have just emigrated to the States from the U.K. to be with my American husband. We have just set up home, and he has two slow cookers already, a big one and a little one. I am so excited to use them as I never came across one in the U.K., so am a complete novice. I look forward to trying out all your recipes.
Shaynie Cleveland

Guess what my 26-year-old son wants for Christmas—a bigger slow cooker! He’s a single dad and a great cook, so I know it will get lots of good use!
Lisa Ludwig Brock

‘Oh, yay, it’s Monday—Monday is Mom Makes Good Food Night!’ My son on the way home from exercise, in anticipation of dinner, which I slow cook on Mondays.
Laura Hedrick

Wish my hubby would hurry and get home. I’ve got loaded baked potato soup in the slow cooker, and it smells soooo yummy! Might have to just ‘sample’ a little before he gets here!
Dannette Munro Woodard

Mediterranean chicken from the website is delicious! Just had it for dinner! Thanks for all of your yummy recipes, ladies!
Cassandra Thomas

Thank you so much! I’m a horrible cook, and I’m going to try cooking in the slow cooker more often. Just got a bunch of recipes to try!
Faryn Ray Eagen

Got the French dip in slow cooker and can’t wait to eat some sandwiches tonight! Eating mine on wheat hoagies with pepper jack cheese! Did the chicken cordon bleu yesterday and loved it!
Marsha Box Stricklin