Crockin’ Girl’s Organizing Tips

Crockin’ Girl’s Organizing Tips

Jenna’s Organizing Tips:

Well, it’s that time again…start organizing and prepping to make the start of the school year as successful as possible!

To start, I just got a new entry table that has two drawers at the top and a “bottom” to it (there is a shelf at the bottom that is raised off the floor). I am planning on getting 3 baskets to go underneath it that I hope will prevent some of the clutter issues that always seem to eat at me!

Shoe Basket– It seems that I pick up about 20 pairs of shoes off the floor every day and I think that this is a great way to delegate responsibility to the kids (and STANTON, lol!). Nicole has one at her front door and it seems to help the kids to be independent in that part of getting out the door and also keeping their things off the floor.

Unloading Basket– Jackets, backpacks, folders, etc. all need a place, and on the couch and counter are not the best spots!

Family Calendar – Everyone gets pulled in so many directions once the school year starts! I want to try and keep a family calendar that we organize each Sunday. I know that if we can put info on the calendar for Stanton, the kids school, and my crockin’ agenda we will all be more aware of what is going on with each other each week. I think that this can help with trying to make it to as many each others functions as possible. This will help with knowing who is in charge of who also, since the kids go to child care some days and not others. I feel like we can get so wrapped up in what we have going on in our lives personally that we sometimes don’t know what is going on in our loved ones day to day and that is a key part of communication! I plan of trying to put something behind my front door in the entry so that everyone can see it daily, but it isn’t in your face to everyone who comes through :) I will update more on this after my trip to the Hob.

 Spencer’s Clothes “System”– I have some thinking to do on this, but here is my initial idea… Majority of Spencer’s clothes are “outfits” that I normally pair together. I want to put this responsibility with him in the mornings, but I don’t want to set him up for failure with “that doesn’t match”, or “those are play clothes… not for school”. My idea is to color code his clothes in some way. I was thinking about using green and blue ribbons tied around hangers to distinguish “school clothes” and “church clothes (his play clothes he can wear at home or to child care are in a drawer) in his closet. That way I can just tell him to go pick out something with a green ribbon for school and have his underwear where he can reach. He already gets to choose if he wants to wear a hat or spike his hair so I will hang his hats to where he can pick one of those too if he wants. Nothing for sure on this yet, but I will keep you posted!

Nicole’s Organizing Tips:

Catch all– It is an absolute must for me to have shoes gathered in one place. I have had a shoe bucket since having kids. I couldn’t do it any other way. First of all, I really don’t like the kids wearing there shoes in the house and secondly it is so nice to have the kids sit down and put there shoes on right before walking out the door. Sometimes, while finishing up getting ready I will tell the kids to go get their shoes on and wait on the bench while I finish up. Gage has a bucket for his shoes and Gracie has a bucket for hers. Kris and I share one in the middle for in and out flip flops. I also have a bucket right when you walk in the door that I can set my purse on or Gracie’s little bag. I can store things inside it as well, like umbrellas or my laptop if I am taking it with me that day, or as of right now it has some little things I need to return to others.

Lock it up – Right now we are building a locker for Gage’s room. We started it last night and will finish it up tonight. It will have a place to hang his backpack and shelves for his clothes throughout the week. It will also have a place to put his extracurricular items he will need. Right now, he doesn’t need anything, but when baseball starts it will be nice to have his things laid out right where he can find them.

Gracie’s Clothes – While I absolutely love my little Gracie, picking out clothes with her drives me CRAZY! I found this cool little Princess decor with hooks and we now go through her closet on Sundays and pick out what she will wear throughout the week. Every morning she can now pick from one of the hooks what she would like to wear. Saves us time and so much hassle! Yay, always good when we are both happy!

Meal Planning – a must if you want to eat at home.

– if you can, grocery shop every 2 weeks

– prep anything you can right after you grocery shop

– make a separate list of items you will need in those 2 weeks that you may not buy because of spoiling and
put it in your calendar for when you need to buy

– always pick up your “extras” (bread, milk, eggs) from an in-and-out store (I use our local produce store) saves
you time and money in the long run because you are not tempted to buy any impulse items

– if your child takes their lunch, make sure you have everything they need purchased on Sunday before your
week starts

Kitchen Organization:
Make a snack drawer or basket If buying in bulk, I like to separate in individual baggies or containers. It’s easier on me for packing lunches or snacks.

Make cups, plates, napkins, flatware accessible to your kids (while you are making a meal, they can be preparing themselves for the meal)

* Calendar:
It’s a MUST to have an accessible calendar for anyone running kids anywhere (my husband and I share a google calendar).Update your calendar on Sundays before the week gets hectic.

*Kid’s To-Do List:
Don’t forget to line up a to-do list for your kids if they get home before you do. How nice would it be to walk in the door from a long   day, dinner be ready, and you can all sit down as a family and enjoy dinner together. This isn’t going to happen everyday, but even a couple days out of the week is better than no family time at all!