Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 8 hrs
Temp Low

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork – Delicous recipe made with a slow cooker  


  • 1 Bone-in Pork Shoulder
  • Seasonings for pork (Season salt, garlic powder, pepper etc)
  • 3/4 Cup BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Can Dr. Pepper


  1. Step One

    Season the pork (the night before or the day of) and place it in the slow-cooker.

  2. Step Two

    Then add the BBQ sauce and soda, and turn the heat to low.

  3. Step Three

    Let it cook for about eight hours, or until you return home.

  4. Step Four

    Shred it with two forks, remove any skin/bone/gross bits, and let the remaining meat soak up all the sauce.

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  1. Sarah

    Super easy, super delicious!! I also used the McCormick Pork Rub and let it sit over night and put it together in the morning on an 8 hour timer. Will definitely be doing this again soon!

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  2. Melissa


    Could I use a pork tenderloin instead? I have a 1-lb tenderloin to use.

  3. Stephanie

    Love this recipe! I first tasted it when my friend cooked it. I begged her for the recipe and she told me to find it through Crockin’ Girls! So glad I did. Made it myself and cooked it for a main dish at a party and everyone LOVED it! The only seasoning I added was garlic and sliced some onions. I have had it without onions though and it was just fine!

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  4. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    Debra, Diet Dr. Pepper would work great!!

  5. Debra U.

    Could I use Diet Dr. Pepper instead?

  6. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    Heidi…if you don’t want them to turn to mush, I would add the green pepper and onion during the last 2 hours of crockin’ time.

  7. Heidi B.

    When is a good time to add green pepper and onion? I don’t want them to disappear in the pulled pork?

  8. Barry T.

    Excellent! I added a whole sweet onion and used Mccormicks pork rub. Everybody loved it. A new family fav and very easy to make….

  9. Kristen H.

    Delicious! My husband’s new favorite shredded pork recipe. I seasoned the meat with lots of garlic powder, seasoned salt, cayenne and black pepper. It actually wasn’t a spicy dish, but I think the spices helped counter the sweet soda. We ate it on hawaiian sandwich rolls with a little extra BBQ sauce on top of the meat. Mmmm.

  10. Kris L.

    This was good. My 2 year old and husband loved it. We had to add extra bbq sauce on top of the pork.

  11. Alicia B.

    It was good but family thought it was a bit to sweet.

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